The Scientist

With M. Sanjayan

Why this story needs to be told

The challenge for me has been that when I go out and talk about climate change, I’ve always felt like I’m telling someone else’s story. It feels like it’s happening out there somewhere else. Often far away. I wanted to change that.

M. Sanjayan
Spotlight video

Sanjayan visits the CO measuring station in Mauna Loa, Hawaii and learns the shocking truth.

Sanjayan visits the CO measuring station in Mauna Loa, Hawaii and learns the shocking truth.


Even when you’ve been the lead scientist of two of the country’s most well respected environmental organizations – groups addressing climate change – you may need to see the proof.

In The Scientist, M. Sanjayan travels to the ends of the earth to question some of the top climate scientists in their field as they collect key data unlocking the past and future of our planet’s changing climate.


Tupungatito, Chile; Christmas Island, Kiribati; Hawaii; Maine; Las Vegas, NV


Photo: Ami Vitale

Meet The Characters

We can do a hundred different measurements on a single little slab of ice and from that we can tell all sorts of things; Temperature, precipitation, storm patterns, where the storm came from, industrial pollutants, forest fires, volcanoes, on and on and on.

Paul Andrew Mayewski Director & Distinguished Maine Professor, Climate Change Institute; School of Earth & Climate Sciences.

The corals – they grow very fast and very reliably and as they grow they are recording environmental information into their skeleton and they create this wonderful year by year by year archive.

Kim Cobb Associate Professor of Climate Change at Georgia Institute of Technology.

The Science Behind The Story

Much like trees, coral adds a layer to its carbonate shell each year. These layers hold information about the climate such as temperature and rainfall.

Source Learn more about Paleoclimate


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