Fire Line

With Arnold Schwarzenegger

Why this story needs to be told

There is no more wild fire season. We now have wild fires all year round.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

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Arnold Schwarzenegger spends a day with the Snake River Hot Shots as they create a perimeter and clear any fuel that could cause the wildfire to spread.


In Fire Line, Arnold Schwarzenegger joins an elite team of wild-land firefighters as they battle a new breed of forest fire, one made more deadly by climate change.

And he discovers another killer, one wiping out trees at an even faster rate than forest fires.


Pocatello & Driggs, ID; Missoula & Superior, MT; Albuquerque, NM; Prescott, AZ; Brussels, Belgium

Photo: The Years Project / Lucian Read

Meet The Characters

I started fighting fires in '87. I like to look at an example of the Dude Fire and that was like twenty thousand acres, it blew our minds at that time being a very large fire, and nowadays we’re seeing some four hundred thousand acre fires.

Randy Anderson, Superintendent of the Snake River Hotshots.

Fire is not inherently “bad” for ecosystems. In fact, most land plants are well-adapted to fire at some frequency and intensity, and some even require fire to grow and regenerate. The negative impacts of wildfires now, however, derive from a “wicked” combination of changes in ecosystems, increasing numbers of people building their homes in fire-prone places, and increasing temperatures and drought.

Behind The Scenes

Science Behind The Story

Today’s fire season is two and a half months longer than it was just a few decades ago.


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