Pledge to Become a Carbon Price Advocate - Years Of Living Dangerously

Pledge to Become a Carbon Price Advocate

By Put A Price On It

One of the big problems standing in the way of solving climate change is that people don’t know what they can do.

We know there’s a really good solution: put a price on carbon pollution. That way, it isn’t free to dump all that pollution into the air, and everyone will be motivated to pollute less. But too many people still don’t know what a price on carbon even is. That’s one goal of the #PutAPriceOnIt campaign: to spread the word about this powerful solution to climate change.

The #PutAPriceOnIt Campaign has teamed up with The Climate Reality Project to create this pledge. Watch the videos to learn how a price on carbon works, and then spread the word by using the #PutAPriceOnIt hashtag, or just talk to your friends and family about it.

Please take part by signing the pledge below!