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Climate change is too dangerous to be left to our leaders. That may seem paradoxical to many Americans who take their cues about what’s important by following leaders they respect. But in this case, our leaders have – with a few precious exceptions -- abdicated their responsibility and it’s time for Americans at large to lead the way. Years is our effort to invite Americans, and others around the world, to take a fresh look at climate change so they can truly understand – with their hearts not just their minds – the profound stakes, the unmistakable urgency and why they need to lead their leaders to do the right thing.

Daniel Abbasi

About Daniel Abbasi

Daniel Abbasi has been a leader on climate change issues for over two decades. Most recently, he founded the investment firm GameChange Capital to fund transformational low-carbon solutions to slow climate change. A Harvard MBA and Stanford PhD, Abbasi has testified to various Congressional committees and caucuses to promote climate action, and serves on the governing body of the U.S. National Climate Assessment.

Previously, Abbasi served as an appointee at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, where he worked with the White House to produce the first U.S. National Action Plan on Climate Change in the mid-1990’s.

He has served in strategy, M&A and operating roles for subsidiaries of the Washington Post Company and Time Warner, and as Associate Dean at Yale University’s School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, where he authored the book Americans and Climate Change: Closing the Gap Between Science and Action.

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