Welcome to the Years of Living Dangerously central education website


We have teamed up with the National Wildlife Federation to provide age and developmentally appropriate curriculum, resources, online learning, contests and events to enhance and extend the experience beyond the screen for middle and high school teachers and students, college faculty and students, and parents.

We believe that learning happens most powerfully when people are deeply involved with the natural world, their communities, and one another.


The real-life stories we are telling and the changes taking place in our natural world offer a unique and timely teaching opportunity!  The science and evidence of climate change presented provides the foundation for hands-on lessons and authentic learning experiences.


We believe students have a vital role to play in helping create a healthier, more sustainable planet for their future and ours.  Our education initiative will provide many ways for students to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to meet academic challenges and to graduate climate literate and with a basic understanding of how the earth works.


We are providing tools and resources for colleges and universities to elevate the conversation on climate change and for students and faculty to demonstrate leadership in advancing sustainability.


Find multimedia activities, lessons aligned to national standards, special events and more!