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Hot News: April 28

– As CO2 Levels Rise in the Air, Oxygen Levels are Falling at Sea
– More Conservatives Now Say Climate Change is Real
– Germany Bets on a Billion-Dollar Boost to Sell More Electric Cars
– Oregon regulators set ambitious timeline for clean energy programs (UtilityDive)
– Shareholder pressure mounts on downgraded ExxonMobil (Climate Home)
– Protesters have a long history of crashing Buffett’s annual party (Bloomberg)
– Exxon pays $2.63M fine for spill, chafes at terms (Arkansas Online)
– Venezuela declares a 2-day workweek because of dire energy shortages (Washington Post $, AP)
– Workers face ‘epidemic of heat-related injuries’ due to climate change (Guardian)
– German utilities told to pay €23bn to nuclear clean-up (Financial Times $)
– Great Barrier Reef tourism operators refuse media and politicians access to bleached reefs (Guardian)


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