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Hot News: August 23

– Zika Risk Growing in Gulf States
– First US Offshore Wind Farm Buoys Industry
– Climate Inaction Could Cost Millennials Dearly
– Climate Change Endangers Crisp Fall Air
– California firefighters stretched thin as blazes sweep state (AP)
– Planned, forgotten: Unfinished projects could’ve spared thousands from Louisiana flood (Advocate, Reuters)
– Airline emissions deal may start six years late as nations backtrack at ICAO (Carbon Pulse $)
– Dark clouds loom for oil as China chases blue skies for G-20 (Bloomberg)
– A widening 80 mile crack is threatening one of Antarctica’s biggest ice shelves (Washington Post $, Mashable)


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Extreme summer: From wildfires to deadly floods, global warming is increasingly apparent. “The ‘signal’ of climate change is no longer subtle... Whether it’s the multitude of thousand-year flooding events we’ve seen over the past year, the massive wildfires, the strongest hurricanes in both hemispheres, etc., we are now dealing with the impacts of climate change on a daily basis,” - Michael E. Mann, #YEARSproject Science Advisor & Director of Penn State Earth System Science Center


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